A b y s s

Due to a long absence from public availability, these pages are currently going through a major rewrite.

What is Abyss?

Abyss is a concurrent object oriented programming language, suitable for a wide range of applications, and easy to learn.

Abyss operates in an object oriented runtime environment, which in fact consists of Abyss objects. The implementation offers compilation for a virtual architecture, compilation into C source which can then be compiled into the runtime environment, and transparent access to all builtin and compiled in classes. It is being developed by Kris Van Hees.

Some highlights

Some of the features that are present in Abyss are:

technical information

While alot of the technical documentation is being rewritten to match the latest developments in Abyss, one is currently made available:

Mailing list

A mailing list has been created for discussing various development issues with Abyss. The list is called CaseyD because that was the original name of the runtime system. Click here to access the mailing list.

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