Kris has been active in programming ever since he discovered computers (which was sometime in 1978). Of course, he only started doing reasonably sensible things when he entered high school. Programming Tandy/Radio Shack machines and mostly hacking into games for the cheer pleasure of hacking them.

When he entered university, he started developing an interest in networking, visible to the outside world because of more or less illegal network usage, and a general misunderstanding between himself and the university. TRICKLE service, NETNEWS and NNTP (and foremost the development of the VM NNTP server) are the visible results.

He also became very active in the world of MUDs, first as a player, then as wizard and archwizard for over 6 years, and it became apparant how important this development was when he worked on a multimedia assignment concerning MUDs. Ultimately he submitted a subject involving MUDs for his Master's thesis. It was quite well accepted by the examination board.

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