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I am very happily married to Kathy, since August 8th, 1998 (a nice date that is actually written the same in European and US form: 08/08/1998). We have one dog and two cats. If the cats could speak, they'd probably correct me on that issue though, and point out that it is more like we all happen to live in the same apartment.

My wife Kathy is a real sweetheart, and has been the most important person in my life ever since we got together. And that will never change! She spoils me in so many ways, and one example of that is actually this web page. All pictures on this page have been taken with a Fujifilm MX-1200 digital camera. She got me this camera as a Christmas present this year. And obviously, she decided to give it early so I could start using it.

One of the first pictures was of Kathy cuddling Sebastian. He is in many ways an unusual cat. For example (as shown in the picture), he is very affectionate. Quite often, he will be coming over to Kathy or me (or even complete strangers that happen to visit us), and start demanding attention. Being the silly people that we are, we tend to give in of course.

[Picture of Kathy cuddling Sebastian]

And as we are talking about Sebastian, here are two more pictures of him. They definitely show that he is after all a real cat. Almost any place in the apartment is good enough for him to take a nap. Places such as on top of a mattress that is leaning against a wall, or in our bed...

[Picture of Sebastian on top of an upright mattress] [Picture of Sebastian sleeping in our bed]

Sebastian has a brother, named Simba. Very few people actually believe that they are brothers, because they are so different. While Sebastian is a short haired cat with a tiger coat, Simba is a long haired cat with an almost pure white coat (almost, because he has a very faint light brown spot on his head).

[Picture of Simba playing with a bottle cap]

As you can see, Simba expresses a lot of the typical behaviour of a cat. That is to say: you can buy him any toy you want, he will still make everything he can find into a toy, and ignore whatever you bought him. Unfortunately for him, he also has a very peculiar habit: without exception, any toy he plays with will eventually end up either underneath our refrigerator or stove, or in front of it (if it doesn't fit underneath). He started doing this ever since he got a few small balls to whack around when he was a tiny kitten. Those balls would without mistake always end up in a place he couldn't reach.

[Picture of Simba sleeping on a box]

Simba also has the habit of trying to get onto any box he can find, and make it his bed. Perhaps we caused that by making him a bed in a box when he was a kitten. Either way, it makes for very cute pictures...

[Picture of Saffron sleeping on a couch]

The last member of our household is Saffron. She's a pure bred golden retriever, and therefore is a real sweet and attention-seeking dog. The picture above shows clearly how spoiled she actually is. How many people do you know that put a blanket over their dog when it is cold? We don't go too far in the spoiling though... She is well taken care of, and never fed table scraps or any human food. She begs for it of course, and does honour to her kind in that way, but giving in to it would simply not be proper. Especially since she is a guide dog, and that means she has a very important job! You can read more about Saffron and guide dogs on Kathy's page.

In Belgium, we have the tradition of celebrating St. Nicholas. Both Kathy and I would like to revive this tradition in the U.S. when we have kids. Saffron got to enjoy it this year. As you can see, she is quite capable of unwrapping her own presents.

[Picture of Saffron opening her St. Nicholas gift]

There is an interesting relationship between Saffron and our cats. Saffron seems to tolerate them most of the time, though she will give a soft growl if they come too near to her when she's eating a bone, or when she has her ball. She might even do it when Kathy isn't feeling well and one of the cats is trying to get to Kathy.

[Picture of Simba and Saffron lying together on the couch]

On the other hand, Simba loves Saffron. He ignores any growls she makes and at times he sneaks up to her and lies down with her. Saffron usually leaves as soon as she notices, but on rare occasions it actually works out. Hey, we even caught Simba once cleaning Saffron's feet. Too bad we didn't have the camera then!

[Picture of Kathy, Molly and Saffron] [Picture of Dixie eating a hoove]

Kathy's parents have a rottweiler and a beagle. We went up to them for Christmas, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Molly, the rottweiler is a real big baby. She loves to just lay in your lap and get lots of attention. Dixie on the other hand was more interested in the hoove she got for Christmas. She loves attention too though, in an almost overexcited way.

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